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Female stripper for bachelor party in Israel

Hot Summer Sale -
Stripper 1- 700 NIS per hour

Couple of strippers 1000 NIS per hour

Receive orders at least one day in advance!

For last minute reservations - special price - 1400 NIS.

Hire A Stripper in Israel


Hiring a stripper for the stag weekend is just an absolute classic! I mean what’s not to love? A ridiculously gorgeous woman who’s removing her clothes right in front of you, for your entertainment purposes who’s letting you admire her curves and assets in all their glory. We have plenty of activities which incorporate strippers available through The Stag Company. If you’re planning a big night out in the city, then there’s always the stag classic of heading to a gentleman’s club where you’ll get to feast your eyes on a whole array of stunners as they perform a sizzling hot routine – you could even treat the stag to a cheeky private dance if you’re feeling generous. If you head abroad, there are plenty of sexy delights available that you won’t be able to enjoy over here in the UK – for example, how about a dominatrix show in Berlin or a stripper cruise in Amsterdam, or even a stripper airport pick up? Whatever stripper option you decide on, we can promise you one thing, and that’s that the stag is in for a seriously sexy treat, that’s for sure!

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